Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Dating Disaster...

Anytime I've been single in the past, I enjoyed going on dates and getting to know someone. I mentioned recently that I went on a date after people kept suggesting that I should. I'm not looking to jump into a relationship or anything like that, but I figured one date is harmless. Wrong. 

I had someone not understanding why I couldn't hang out any time I was free. Someone that wanted me to call multiple times a day. Someone telling me that it was wrong that I still was on good terms with my ex (my ex I dated for 3 years, not the recent one). I was questioned almost daily about why I still had pictures with that same ex. It turned into me having to put my phone on silent all day and night long while receiving 5-20 missed calls in a day and on average 3 voicemails. Then I realized he was trying to talk to my ex's girlfriend. It was more than weird.

So after not understanding why I didn't want to talk anymore, he went on about how he has a million girls that want him. I then told him that's great, but I'm not interested in guys that would even consider bragging about that because that's immature and annoying. He told me I was lying and then started going on and telling me I was jealous that he had conversations with my ex's chick.

I probably wasn't nice in these texts, but being nice and honest didn't work. (I'm the green box)

This was all days after I blocked him on all social media sites. Then he ended up sending me photos of gifts he bought me. 

After my last breakup, I really enjoy my space. I no longer have tolerance for people that think they can talk down to me or place blame on me for something they did. I'm no longer afraid to call it like I see it. My focus has been and will be on me and my future. I know the right person will come into my life when the time is right.

Also, if everything goes well.. I might have an announcement on Monday!


  1. Girlie... what a creeper!!!
    I hope you stayed safe in this mess... W. MI is an ice rink right now!

  2. Girlie... what a creeper!!!
    I hope you stayed safe in this mess... W. MI is an ice rink right now!

  3. I had a person just like him. I threatened to call the police on him he didn't stop so I blocked his number and on Facebook. Hope he doesn't bother you anymore. Some men are just plane crazy. Have a good day.


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