Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Thoughts from an ex-blogger..

My desire to get back to writing has been so strong lately. I can't seem to figure out if I want to blog again. At the same time, I REALLY want to blog again. I've found comfort in my privacy. This comfort has made me uncomfortable with openly sharing details of my life. However, blogging always was there to provide me with an outlet to express my thoughts, feelings and emotions. The people I was able to connect with through blogging was always an incredible bonus.

I didn't want to blog when I realized that people that I don't want to be part of my life were reading my blog posts. During this time I also stopped being active on Twitter and Instagram. I felt that it was unfair to me that specific people were able to catch up on my life via social media.

There are many issue I face with returning to my blog. I need to allow myself to step outside of my comfort zone of keeping my life private. I need to be okay with the fact that some people, that shouldn't be reading my blog, will read my blog. I need to remind myself of how many people I've been able to connect with and at times even help because of specific things I've posted on this blog.

One issue will never be with the amount of people that still follow me. If I begin blogging again, I'll be beyond grateful to have people that stuck around or decide to come back.  I have never been concerned about the amount of readers/subscribers I have. I'd rather have multiple people that can relate to or get something out of my content opposed to having thousands of subscribers. If I was looking for numbers and looking to make money, I'd need to start fresh and make a blog that has clickbait and money making worthy content. I'm just looking to blog, not to make a living off of blogging.

I want to make my way back into blogging. It can't hurt to give it another shot. Blogging was something I truly loved doing and I truly have been missing it for a few months.

While looking back on my blog, I realized that I'm in desperate need of a new blog design. I no longer have the knowledge of specific codes and all that to make my blog look the way it does now. So, if you're reading this.. just know that any hotmess blog layout you may encounter after this post will be a temporary thing until I'm able to re-educate myself on how to make a decent layout.

Anyways... If you are reading this, thank you! I truly appreciate the people that always come back even after a long, unannounced break. I honestly am going to do all that I can to put all of my concerns aside and just blog.


  1. Girl I feel you. I miss blogging too. I think about almost everyday. At the moment I don't have a computer so it'll be awhile before I get back to it. I quit for other reasons. Like I was sucked into "this is what you have do to have a million followers and make money" crap. Then I realized I didn't like those blogs. One day. Welcome back. Can't wait to read more sometime!

    1. Aww thank, girl! It's SO easy to get sucked into that crap! I completely understand. I can't wait until you make a return!


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